How it Works


The .NYC Travel Auction runs from May 3 to May 10 featuring top notch, highly sought-after .nyc domain names specially curated for the Travel and Hospitality Industry. This is an online auction operated by trusted auction provider

Why an auction?

Auctions are a fair and transparent way for us to offer some of the best .nyc domains names to the public who can put them to their best use. All domains have the low starting bid of $500 and anyone with a physical address in one of the five NYC boroughs can participate to win a premium .nyc domain name. Read more auction Q&A here

How do I get started?

1 - Explore the Inventory:

Browse through our auction inventory and get inspired for your next big idea. Want more inspiration? Check out the who's using it section of our website to learn how New Yorkers are using their .nyc web addresses. If you are in the travel and hospitality business, one thing is certain, using a .nyc web address will show your customers how you own it in your city. These one-of-a-kind domains will not last long so get your bidding paddles ready (ok, your computers) because these names are going once, going twice, gone by May 10!

2 - Create a bidder account

To bid in the auction, you will need to create an account with our auction provider Click the "+register" button on the top right side of Sedo's homepage to begin account creation. If you already have an account, click the login button.

Tip: Be sure to use your NYC physical address when you register as only New Yorkers can own a .nyc domain! Bidding will be allowed only for those with a NYC physical address. View the .nyc nexus policy.

Pre-Auction Tip #1: Create a 'Watchlist' for the domains you like. Once you create a Sedo account, you can create a personal watchlist to keep track of the .nyc auction domains you love - even before the auction begins! When browsing the inventory, click on the "add to watchlist" button on any domain listing page. Sedo will keep you up to date and let you know once the auction begins to ensure you won't miss a beat!

Pre-Auction Tip #2: Sign up to receive .nyc specific information and announcements from .nyc. We'll let you know when the auction starts and remind you before it ends

3 - Bidding

STEP 1: Log in to your Sedo account

STEP 2: View the .nyc Travel Auction page and view the inventory.

STEP 3: Click the "In Auction" button to go to a bidding page for that domain

STEP 4: Place a bid

Reminder: you must have a physical NYC address as only New Yorkers can own a .NYC domain!

That's it. You are now an official bidder for one of the most desirable web addresses in NYC.

Bidding over $10,000? CERTIFY YOUR ACCOUNT!

As part of the account creation process at Sedo, you will be asked to certify your account for bidding in auctions over $10,000. Bidding for some domains in the .nyc auction may reach $10,000+ so we urge you to certify your Sedo account in advance. Please plan ahead! You can sign up and get your account certified at any time, even before the auction begins so why not start now?

Want more info? Make sure to sign up for our .nyc newsletter to get valuable tips for bidding in a domain auction, inspiration and ideas on how to use your .nyc domain, tips for building your digital brand, and information on future events.

To inquire about an auction domain, contact us and we’ll connect you with our auction provider.



The City of New York is the official operator of the .nyc top-level domain. Since the historic launch of .nyc, the City of New York has become the first city in the country with a top-level domain, creating new opportunities to support local businesses, organizations and residents. Through .nyc, the City will generate revenue, help residents take advantage of government services, encourage local businesses to thrive, market and promote tourism, and spread the dynamic image of New York City around the world.

Registry Services, LLC ("GoDaddy Registry") supports all marketing efforts and operates the technical infrastructure of the .nyc domain. The company provides full technical, operational, policy, and marketing support for .biz, and also operates technical registry services for .co, .tel and .travel and worldwide registry gateways for other top ccTLDs. GoDaddy Registry offers Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in over 20 languages and provides comprehensive managed DNS and full-scale registry services with 24/7 customer support on five continents.

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